We are very happy to announce this project. It was a very special one that we made together with the Netherlands Film Academy. We had the chance to create a research and strategy document for them that gives a good analysis and approach, regarding how the Academy can improve the cultural diversity within the organisation. From students to faculty.

The research, that was a year in the making and consists of 120+ pages, gives a good and insightful look in how people from different cultural backgrounds and gender relate to each other in terms of diversity. We focused not only on the conscious, but also on the unconscious approach people potentially have within a diverse group dynamic.

Have a read. Send it around. Start the conversation and get inspired by this project. Really proud we have been approached by the Academy, and we hope the effects of the research resonate within the Academy and the creative industry for years to come. Much thanks to Lise Zurne for joining us on this project! Zandri Zomerdijk for the design. Erjee Vroling for assisting with print. And of course, the Netherlands Film Academy and the will they instil to become a platform for all the stories the Netherlands is capable of!