dressing people by undressing the industry

Case story

Youngsterdam is a blog that creates relevant content and showcase news for a young crowd to experience the city of Amsterdam. The project was about the creation of an ident for the brand and to bring the logo into a new light. The aim was to involve and activate young enthusiastic people into whats going on in Amsterdam.

In order to achieve this goal, we came up with two concepts. On the one hand, we wanted to give the feeling that the brand, and therefore its output, and Amsterdam are one and the same. On the other hand, we wanted an ident that gave the feeling that the work that Youngsterdam does is seamlessly integrated with the dynamic and obscure activities in Amsterdam.





What We Did

Concepting, Production,
Film, 3D, Grading

Words from our client

It was a pleasure to work with Woodpack on the Youngsterdam project. Communication was key and you guys worked it out perfectly.