Work in Progress

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Case story

A small narrative about growth, The “Work in Progress” branding ident showcases that experiences and the identity that is shaped by those parts is always an organic process.

A technical exploration of dynamics, lighting, shading and multipass compositing, the ident gave us a lot of room to try some new techniques and display a narrative within the framing process of the piece.


Work in Progress

What We Did

Concepting, Production,
3D, Motion graphics, VFX,
Grading, Sounddesign

Director/Art Direction: Orville Yssel
Production + Postproduction: Orville Yssel

Consultants: Timothy Wormhoudt, Chris Wormhoudt, Nick Sotgiu
Sound Design: Hernan Ambrogi (Swing Musica)

A friend of ours, Hernan Ambrogi (Buenos Aires, Swing Musica)  was just as excited as we are about the project and created a beautiful sound design for it that really brings everything together. It was a lot of fun to work on the project, especially the collaboration with Hernan Ambrogi.