Full Crate – Vogue ft. Trinidad James

Vogue like a magazine

Case story

Full Crate is a dj and a producer ranging from electronic R&B to deephouse. It was a really good experience to work with him. During this project, we were inspired by the place, the colours, the city, landscape and atmospheres California has to offer.

The song “Vogue” is in collaboration with Trinidad James (USA, L.A.) and Bryn Christopher (London, UK). We decided to show the playfulness of the shoot with the colour effects in the light but also to showcase the location which was wonderful.

The L.A. lake desert and some indoor shots really captured the L.A. vibes perfectly. The video came in with a concept from Full Crate himself, and Timothy went over the concept again and gave his best input on it.

We can see the gorgeous look of the girl who is facing us in the music video between the breathtaking landscape shots and the performance shots of the Trinidad James. We can also enjoy the ’69 Ford Mustang which gives another classy dimension to the overal setting. A great project.


Vogue music video

Full Crate


What We Did

Music Video, Production,
Post production, VFX

Words from us

“It was a great experience, and with the L.A. Dessert as a setting it can barely go wrong. To keep the focus on the the whole process we constantly evaluated the shots we had made until we got what we wanted.”