dressing people by undressing the industry

Case story

The beauty of new initiatives and businesses is that they can change industries, perspectives and even our global outlook on life as we know it. Within the start-up landscape they gave this process the term “disruption”: it breaks the rules that are set within the market place and the product becomes a change-agent. Most of the time we noticed at Woodpack, that one of the main ingredients of these “disruptive” products is a very simple one: Transparency.

Unrobe is an Amsterdam based fashion brand for men and women. At least that is the plan. Koen and Daan are longtime fashion industry professionals that wanted to change the bad habits that have hindered the industry from evolving. With this in mind the two started a bold initiative called Unrobe. A brand that wants to stand for top design, high quality, fair pricing, social responsibility, environmental care and: transparency. You can from start to finish see and find out where your clothes come from, which we all know can be a little hidden from plain sight.

As we received the brief, we immediately started to create a concept that fitted the vision that Unrobe wanted to carry out. Just as the product, we wanted to show the project for what it is, by showcasing the production process: from the location where the product is made, to the people who make them. After approval of the concept, we went to Portugal and followed Koen and Daan around as they showed us the factory and introduced the people putting in the hours creating the clothing.

Back in Amsterdam and after the edit we graded the footage to be vibrant and full of light. Highlighting the clear vision of the brand, and showing the authentic process as the strongest asset of Unrobe.


Unrobe Brand activation



What We Did

Concepting, Production,
Film, Grading

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The brand had a succesful Kickstarter campaign

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