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Case story

Qwensh is a start-up company that came to us with a product launch specific brief. It’s amazing for us to see how good communication can change the brief to better serve the client and their expectations. With investments and preparations on the line, certain requests can really define the direction of a company.

Qwensh is a business that created a beautiful marriage between product design and durability. They created a unique water bottle that work with “slices”: a renewable packaged vitamin and mineral supplement that is built specifically for the Qwensh bottle.

We initially talked about an instructional video, then we quickly noticed in the conversations and the meetings that we could combine the instructional with activation as well.

After some research and working out the storyboards, we noticed that a full CGI approach would be perfect to showcase the product as a new and enticing item for everyday use. Using vibrant colours and smooth camera transitions, we translated the ease of use and the enjoyable aspects of the product.


Qwensh commercial



What We Did

Concepting, 3d, Composting, Production

Words from us

It was great to help out Qwensh with this project as we are a big believer in cradle to cradle products, plus: it tastes fantastic!

After the approval of the concept, We went all out. A 3-headed CGI and VFX team in-house at Woodpack worked on multiple things in pre-production, from the edit to the liquid tests for the project. With the creation of the pre-visualisation version, Qwensh could see how the project would move in terms of animation with added rendered stills to showcase the look and feel. After some input we focused on how the product pragmatically worked. We started making sure that the project not only looked nice aesthetically in the shots, but also integrated the way the product works as well.

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