Conscious Hotels

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Case story

In the heart of Amsterdam you can find the new line of eco-friendly Conscious Hotels. They asked us to develop a commercial that shows the dynamic experience of visiting the versatile city of Amsterdam. The top-notch service, the love for what they do and the state of the art eco-designed facilities also needed to play a role in the project. Throughout the streets of Amsterdam we captured the emotion and uniqueness of this distinct city.

Coverage in the hotels had the specific aim to show the eco friendly, state of the art, warm, and sustainable personality of the brand. This footage shows how Conscious hotels stands out from the standard concept of a hotel. The shoot, edit, colour grading and music translates all of this in the commercial.


Social commercial


Conscious Hotels

What We Did

Film, Production, Grading

Production Company: Woodpack
Director: Timothy Wormhoudt
Concept: Timothy Wormhoudt
D.O.P: Nikolai van Nunen/Timothy Wormhoudt
Grading: Nick Sotgiu
Photography backstage: Jesse Wolff

Words from our client

Happy with the high quality content Woodpack has created for Conscious Hotels.