Many weeks ago we went to Paris to shoot some footage of for a cool upcoming project for the people of Paris called; Christmas in the city! This crowdfunding project will be launching very soon. We are very siked about it!

Take a look on our behind the scenes recap.

parijs1While we, as visitors, only see the beauty of the city, there are a lot of less fortunate people for whom Christmas is a hard and expensive time. What if you have small children that you want to give the world, but you simply can’t afford that?


With our new project we are focusing on bringing happiness to those less fortunate children in the Paris. The idea is to put life-size Christmas decorations throughout the city, so everybody can enjoy the Christmas spirit!


Beautiful images of the city to which we will add 3D and visual effects to get people excited about the project already! Keep track of this project and make sure to support it when the crowdfunding launches.