Woodpack is a creative agency based in Amsterdam. We are a full-service studio creating strategy, design & production across all platforms. We specialize in brand identities, campaigns, social strategy & content creation, commercials, websites, environments and more.

Where we’re coming from

Our journey started 5 years ago with the mission to establish a culturally diverse and respected firm that creates high quality productions for brands, projects, and organizations. We’ve grown and evolved over the years, but this intention is still just as present.

Don’t stop, where others would. Why should we?

We take pride in always putting our client and the brand first, by focusing on the end result throughout the process, and making sure we bring out and highlight all the greatest stuff about your brand. We take you through the creative processes, step by step, to make sure the end result is just as on point as you had imagined.

In addition to producing creative content, we also draw inspiration from creating impactful campaigns that help our clients reach their audience. Our team of professionals share the same passion and values, strive for the best results, and offer unique perspectives for a more well-rounded and meaningful final product. We operate worldwide with clients in Paris, New York, London, Los Angeles, and Amsterdam, to name a few.

For us, it all comes down to making things that
show your vision to the world.

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