You might have noticed?

That we are changing.

a Woodpack announcement

Hey friends.
We would want you to know that we have made a change in Woodpack. A big one, well for us at least. But maybe also for you?

We have decided to go full focus on the aspects we are best at; Strategy & Branding, social content, web-design and graphic design, animation.

Therefor that means we have to let go a few of our beloved colleagues whom we build up a lot of loveable moments over the years.

Our Film part of the company will be divided between (former founder of Woodpack) Director Timothy Wormhoudt and Director Leanne Vink.

Timothy Wormhoudt, will be starting a new Hybrid Film company.

Leanne Vink, a true storyteller is currently finishing her Patta Running documentary so be on the lookout for that one!

Orville Yssel, The dude yes the dude that has practically raised us is going to be focussing on other things in life. A bold move that we much admire and we wish him all the best towards his new achievements.

As the business owner I had great joy in working together with these 3 driven persons and we will stay on close taps to each-other as we made so much progress, happy clients and boundary breaking projects over the years. From the bottom of my heart thank you all and I wish you the very best on your new adventure. – Chris Wormhoudt.

Change is good

Therefor in the upcoming future we will update you shortly on our new website with our new updated capabilities, roster and work we have made.

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