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Young Financials/Analytics is a job agency which guides young professionals to job positions in the duct financial sector. 

The project was about re-branding and rethinking the values of the company in order to improve their perception of the public. We re-designed the whole brand identity of the company: the logo, the website and created several commercials.

We started of by having a brainstorm together, in which we had several ideas. Later on, we tried different versions of the designs to have an overall feel and look of what the brand could look like and become. Then, we chose one of the designs to go in one direction, and after many versions and discussions with the client, the final result was created. 



After lots of meetings, brainstorms, and going on a journey with the client, we focused about their values, core clients and target audience, and noticed they needed a more professional and trustworthy look. 

Client: YoungFinancials Group
Art Direction: Chris Wormhoudt
Graphic design: Isa Poon / Chris Wormhoudt / Dewi Gagliardi
Web-design: Isa Poon / Chris Wormhoudt / Christina
Photography: Jesse Wolff / Charles Poorter
Concept & Director: Timothy Wormhoudt
D.O.P: Timothy Wormhoudt
Edit: Timothy Wormhoudt
3D/VFX: Nick Sotgiu, Orville Yssel
Model: Nikolai van Nunen, Jasmijn Labadie

Young Financials has put many valuable people
into the field of finance and analytics where they
could provide their expertises.

This, by renewing the style and perception of the brand, it will open up to a broader target audience to reach and therefore it will improve its performance on the field.

What our client says

Woodpack helped giving my business
a professional look. We are happy with
what they made for us.

Michel Maaswinkel

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