Dynamics when working together is always an important element when creating something. And it was nice to work with Hernan Ambrogi again. A talented musician sound designer and friend from Buenos Aires, we had a great co-operation while working on “Work In Progress” a motion design project of mine. During that project, that revolved around the concept of growth, I had a very clear vision of what I wanted.

It was inspiring to notice that the conversations we had and the sketches we developed changed my ideas about the project and we had a very organic progress during the time-frame towards completion with a changed vision about it.

With this teaser trailer for Hernan’s Makina project, an electronic music E.P. that fuses argentinian influences and analogue sampling, Hernan and I continued this way of working, with Hernan this time having a very clear vision of what to make. Again the concept evolved and with that in mind we started the production proces.

We first made a few pre-visualisations of the trailer back at Woodpack. A small team consisting of motion designers Ot van der Wal, Morenno Davelaar and director Leanne Vink made an edit, with both versions focusing on the concept in different ways.

Again the project evolved and in different phases from the project the conversations about the piece altered the vision. During the production process where creative Vymai Nguyen was added to the team, we focused on making an abstract visualisation of argentinian elements with analogue and digital means. We decided on shooting macro footage of various elements. This resulted in organic and abstract compositions that fitted Hernan’s compositions and vision. Rhythm was also an important part of the proces ,with Hernan and I going back and forth, adjusting shots , sound design and composition to give the teaser a tailored experience. The organic approach was a great way of exploring the project with our perspectives.


3D / VFX

Animation, lighting, texturing/shading & 3D Compositing.

Makina Niebla E.P. is set to release June 2nd, 2017 on dutch label Whirling Wolf.
With remixes by Cordoba-Hakinen, LIPY and Offshore & Coen.

Director/Art Direction: Orville Yssel
Production + Postproduction: Vymai, Ot van der Wal, Morenno Davelaar, Orville Yssel
Consultants: Orville Yssel
Music: Hernan Ambrogi (Whirling Wolf)

The organic approach was a great way of exploring the project with our perspectives.


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